Theorem5 powers some of the world's best-known Download Centers - with solutions for maximizing their revenue and market share.

We are the largest aggregator of software products and sales data online. We collect information from 12 major e-commerce providers for 90,000 products from 18,000 software vendors. Using our unique data matching technology and our unmatched knowledge of the software industry, we then cleanse, massage and scrub the data together, removing duplicates and other dud data, augmenting information from other sources, and then adding in a mix of freeware, drivers and more.

The result? A potent cocktail of products and industry knowledge that can super-charge the sales of any Download Center.

We supply data to Download Center operators, vendors, advertisers, affiliates and more. Why not you? Contact Us Now!

For Download Center Operators

For existing Download Centers, we provide E-commerce tag matching and CommissionLink tracking so that every potential sale can be realized - minimizing commission leakage - and, commission can be maximized by using the best offer available across 12 ecommerce systems.

We provide XML feeds that combine data from 12 disparate systems into one unified feed that is always up to date, and always available (unlike some E-commerce system feeds). We also provide custom subsets of this data, such as:

  • Games Feeds
  • Premium Title Feeds
  • iPhone Feeds and more.

If you are missing data from any E-commerce system we can add this for you.

We provide outsourced submission management, so your collection is always up-to-date, and always spam and malware-free, for a fixed monthly cost.

We provide up-to-date freeware to make your site more 'sticky' with users - no Download Center can be competitive without it.

Stop promoting other affiliates and junk sites! - Get a Ban list subscription - a complete ban list extract plus a monthly subscription to our ban list.

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For File Upload Services

We provide up-to-date data on all commercial titles to ensure that your service receives the absolute minimum of expensive DMCA complaints.

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For Software Vendors

We provide a variety of services to software vendors:

  • Centralized software submission - Our growing network of sites will get your software in front of the public! Submit your files now!
  • For vendors with their own E-commerce, we offer an E-commerce-neutral affiliate tracking solution
  • For WebWare/SaaS solutions, our affiliate tracking system can also be deployed for lead tracking
  • Improved reporting - We provide an enterprise sales data warehouse solutions so that ALL sales can be tracked in ONE system and seen in ONE report/dashboard, regardless of which e-commerce system (or internal invoicing process) handled the transaction
  • We offer competitive intelligence services - so you can compare your commission rates and sales with others in your industry or category.

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